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Happy Friday and happy friday it is as we had a personal victory this a.m. for my stepsons & our family…so proud of my hubby…yay-he wins the Daddy of the Year Award!!!

But let’s get down to some serious business now and the fact that the new Pure Green Mag is out and brings us all kinds of cool gift guides from fellow bloggers (tis the season of gift guides). I’m crazy for textiles and have endless admiration and respect for textile artists & designers…I’m also a sucker for custom-dyed yard goods, like Bella Notte Linens, the line I have sold and represented since their inception in 1996…and which would be one of the most luxurious yarns you will ever have next to your body (plug plug)…yeah that’s right, I have no shame because you will thank me after investing in this bedding. One of my Bella Notte clients jokes that she has a pillow-money jar…so funny she is LS…

Pure Green is a dream read for the eco-minded and I am constantly discovering all these cool brands in their pages…meet Canadian textile designer Jenna Greenberg and her brand Jenna Rose

Organic fabrics, recycled leather, non-toxic water-based pigments…her hallmarks and music to my ears…visit her website here and her blog here

~all images via pure green and jenna rose~

By, Claudia
November 19, 2010
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  1. ariela gefen - goth
    February 13, 2011 2:19 pm

    i like your bags very much can you send me by post mail i liveing in israel

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