frye it up!

Well hello there! That was some fishing trip! Actually I didn’t catch any real fish, but I have been working since the summer on an awesome new professional project that is taking up a lot of my time. Everyone is doing great, thank goodness…i have missed you guys though, very much, and I’m happy to be back…

I’m ready for fall and I’m dying for a new pair of Frye boots to keep my black “harness” pair company…hmmm so many to choose from…and i LoVe this shoemaking company, with a rich heritage rooted in a small New England town…

beautifully crafted footwear that lasts a lifetime and only gets better with age…mine are 5 years old and are yet to be broken in…i’m only getting started…

these ‘Dorado’ ones are sweet as well, crafted from gaucho leather…and the sole is to die…soles, my friends, really do matter…

so many boots, so little time…how does one choose?

it’s hard to commit since they will last forever, right?…which ones are your faves? Nice to be back…enjoy this lovely day, xocc ♥

By, Claudia
October 11, 2011

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