Hello! If you are out of our local area in Philadelphia, PA, but you still want to work with us, our e-design option is for you…




What is e-design? It is an affordable alternative to traditional full-service interior design. We offer several e-design packages to accommodate your needs and budget. You can choose a comprehensive window treatment consultation, room design concept, paint color consultation, custom throw pillows or a la carte.

We love to focus on window treatments, but we are also experienced in interior design. If you are interested in full room e-design including furniture, floor plans, rugs, lighting, etc., just ask us!  



Email or call us and we will guide you through the process of determining which package best suits you. Our process will prevent expensive mistakes with our professional measuring service and fabric/style recommendations. We will accomplish your goals via email, phone and/or Facetime.

Decide which package you want and let us know via email. After you have purchased the design package that best suits your needs, you will receive a welcome email and a design profile to complete. The design profile will include a questionnaire, request for photos of your space and inspiration images. Once your profile is received, we will schedule our phone/facetime session to discuss the design profile in more detail. This is the time we talk about style, palette and budget for your window coverings or room design. 

Next?  Relax and we will get to work on your design.




The price will be set once we determine how many windows/rooms you want to work on.  It includes:

1. THIRTY-NINETY MINUTE PHONE OR FACETIME SESSION-to go through your space and take measurements, make fabric, style, hardware recommendations, etc. After this session you will receive the following.  Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

2. DIGITAL INSPIRATION CONCEPT BOARD (S)-Images of all your choices including window treatment style, fabric selections, hardware selections, etc.

3. MATERIAL SAMPLES VIA MAIL-fabric samples, hardware finishes, etc.

4. COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION-purchasing list (brands, styles, fabrics), measurement worksheet, price estimates.

We will provide you with two options depending on your budget. If you choose to purchase your window treatments or finishes through Urban Loft WT, you will receive $250-$375-$500 credit towards your purchase depending on the level of service you purchase.


You want to repaint a room but you don’t know where to begin? You need advice not only on color but on paint brands and finish options. Allow one week for delivery. This service includes:

1. A 30-MINUTE PHONE SESSION-we will discuss your space, aspirations and needs.

2. DIGITAL CONCEPT BOARDS- two paint color schemes that will include 2-3 colors each, brands and finish options depending on space.


Your room is pretty much done and you love it but it needs that special pop of color, texture or print that can only be achieved through custom throw pillows.  Allow one week for delivery. This service includes:

1. A 30-MINUTE PHONE SESSION-we will discuss your space, aspirations and needs.

2. DIGITAL CONCEPT BOARD-three fabric and design options

3. MATERIAL VIA MAIL-fabric samples

4. QUOTE-a detailed quote that will include two different pillow fill options and trims. If you choose to purchase your pillows through Urban Loft WT, you will receive a $100 credit towards your purchase.


Please call 610-212-9897 for details.


Email us here to get started windowtreatmentdesigner@gmail.com