ulrica wihlborg & urban loft wt in L.A.

I am beyond thrilled to announce my design collaboration with the amazing Ulrica Wihlborg, an award-winning journalist, magazine editor and on-air lifestyle and entertainment expert. She is also a talented and accomplished photographer, chosen as one of the top portrait photographers in the U.S. by Rangefinder magazine. During her tenure[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 13, 2016
Coulisse Philadelphia Previews at Urban Loft Window Treatments

I am beyond happy to introduce Coulisse (rhymes with police) my new, as they say in Europe, ‘range’ of blinds, shades and sliding panel systems straight out of The Netherlands. Yes, I said Holland, you guys! Dutch design is my absolute fave-everything they design is just too cool for words-my heart literally[ read more ]

By, Claudia
May 30, 2015
Eden Rocks

Hello! Just got back from a wonderful long-overdue vacation with my hubs (no kids) in Miami Beach and Key West.  It was awesome and Miami Beach was more beautiful than ever. We did a lot of non-touristy stuff all over the city and discovered how much we both love the place…[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 26, 2012
i gotta have…

1.  Annette Tatum’s new paint range… I used to carry Annette Tatum’s line of beautiful bed linens and yard goods at Hey Little Diddle and was delighted to see her doing paints…AND she has a Premier Designer Membership Program, click here… photo via Simply Grove. 2.  Restoration Hardware’s Cast-Iron Barn[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 13, 2011
happy monday!

I’m off to the beach with my son and some friends for a few days…see you when I return… via Cuba Gallery’s Flickr. Enjoy! xocc ♥

By, Claudia
June 27, 2011
Andrea Willson

Interior Designer Andrea Willson’s restored home in Germany…i’ve seen this place somewhere in my dreams before…it had me at the front door… all photos via freundevonfreunden. Have a great thursday…xocc ♥

By, Claudia
May 12, 2011
amsterdam, my love

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world…it’s way at the top of my short list…it’s like a large village with so many interesting neighborhoods, lovely people, beautiful architecture, amazing multi-cultural food, great shopping, etc. etc. etc…i could really go on forever…so naturally when i was reading Solid[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 26, 2011
heading to park slope!

Hello, hope you had a great weekend. It’s spring break this week and I’m heading to Manhattan and Park Slope with my 14-year-old son and his friend…excited to tour the neighborhood that New York Magazine named the “most livable neighborhood in New York.” I already got restaurant tips from my[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 18, 2011
flickr friday

Jo Bradford… Jo is “inspired by the sun and the sea, nostalgia of childhood holidays, dreams, colours, and the smell of the sea air.”  I know I’m dreaming of summer fun…you can see more of Jo’s beautiful images on her website Jo Bradford or her Etsy. I hear the landscapers outside…spring[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 15, 2011
i gotta have…

1.  Zilalila’s sustainable, fair trade Nest lounge pillows…discovered via &Pompoon via Bloesem Blog…   2.  Misha Lulu, a brand inspired by the founders’ latin american heritage…and i love new york too… 3.  this greenwich village flat, speaking of new york, via skona hem… 4.  Milan via the Satorialist…undeniably chic… 5.[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 13, 2011
i gotta have…

one thing and one thing only this week… HeyHome …oh my, my heart is pumping really fast at the sight of these incredibly fantastic interior shots…i had seen her name numerous times as the one of the photographers on the Bolig Magasinet site but i had never clicked to see[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 6, 2011
let’s toast to spring!

Ahhh loving these looks by Toast…hello spring…nice to see you again, finally… getting excited for spring and especially summer and my honeymoon to Barcelona! Have a great monday…xocc ♣ ~all images via Toast Catalogue~  

By, Claudia
March 21, 2011
i gotta have…

this look from ALLSAINTS… this hand-hammered pendant…with the bead detail… abc carpet & home the home of these brits in brooklyn… feature via Living etc., March 2011 these valentine cards for my honey… etsy~katrina bean, julianna this stone house in croatia…oh my gosh… desire to inspire Now you gotta have[ read more ]

By, Claudia
February 2, 2011
alt summit random top 10

~image via okay great~ I attended Alt Design Summit in beautiful Salt Lake City last week, not that it’s a surprise since I refused to shut up about it-couldn’t help it-I was really excited for the summit and for the fact that I was flying first class for the first[ read more ]

By, Claudia
January 26, 2011
no parking in this city

Park City, Utah is…a little skiing, a little Sundance, a little Wild West, a little Alt Summit…and a whole lot of pretty… …hip boutiques, saloons & eateries, art galleries, theatres & screening rooms are everywhere…my head was literally spinning…trying to take it all in… …paparazzi trying to get a shot[ read more ]

By, Claudia
January 24, 2011
i gotta have…

some cool gifts for my family… 1.  this stuff for my son Kevin, 18…tall, handsome, smart, laid back, intuitive, adventurous with a wicked sense of humor… choka. stonehouselove pinterest gift guides. 2.  this stuff for my stepson Blayne…16, who’s smart & quick, has pretty blue eyes, is the only blondie[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 8, 2010
decorate with decor8

Yesterday I gave you a sneak peek at Holly Becker’s new book, Decorate.  She is an American freelance journalist and design consultant living in Germany and she’s the founder and editor of the enormously popular blog, Decor8.  I don’t know Holly personally but I recently took her e-course, Blogging Your[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 11, 2010

How can a simple loafer demand so much of my attention? I first saw this shoe on Pinterest (pinned by cofounder Ben Silbermann) and I was immediately drawn to the photo firstly because I’m a driving moc freak and these are awesome but secondly because after reading all about this[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 8, 2010
sage, style & cybelle codish

I read a lot…loVe it!  Not only does it enhance our vocabulary but i love the way words relate to one another and how the meaning can suddenly shift depending on the word you choose or how it is used.  I also cherish how we can be transported to another[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 5, 2010
road trippin’

Happy Friday! My oldest son, Kevin, is in the midst of the college application fog and he has twisted my arm to take him to visit Vermont in a couple of weeks.  I begrudgedly agreed since I hate that state so much and all of its organic farm stands, ski resorts,[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 22, 2010
new bloesem on the block!

I’m browsing the internet early this a.m. as usual with my coffee mug clutched in my left hand happily going about my business, I click on one of my fave go-to blogs, and POW a fresh new look from my huge MAC screen hits me squarely in the face… Irene[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 21, 2010

“Contact me to commission a shoot to meet your exact requirements,”  says Hotze…ok, sign me up like yesterday!  Fueling my obsession with Northern Europe again…photographer Hotze’s talent is surreal and I want a piece of it…a tiny crumb will do! Sigh…just lovely…still trying to decide on our Spring honeymoon destination…my[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 20, 2010
by malene birger

Danish global brand by Malene Birger is the aesthetic that to me defines chic…understated clothes designed and crafted in unsurpassable impeccable quality and with great attention to detail…one thing I learned from my wedding gown designer & seamstress grandmother is its so NOT just about the sewing; the pattern making,[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 4, 2010
great shot

Browsing through Pinterest this morning, I saw this image…reminded me of simply walking through the streets in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, or just about any city in Europe, where the kids are all styled out, they slay me, this one in Stockholm…G-d didn’t give me a daughter at first so I[ read more ]

By, Claudia
August 25, 2010
philly friday: red things I love

Today is a beautiful day…sunny & bright…which I love but I have mixed feelings since I have to lather on the 70 SPF to protect my skin, which I’m committed to, BUT which always gets into my eye (only my right eye), so even though I enjoy the day and[ read more ]

By, Claudia
August 20, 2010