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i gotta have…

…all these bracelets… via solid frog. …this jacket…and the hair wouldn’t hurt either… sea of shoes. …this light fixture in my white kitchen… impressionen via pinterest. or these in a small grouping would also do… camilla molders via pinterest. …this cosy bed…i wanna wear it… joanna rusher via pinterest. …this[ read more ]

By, Claudia
January 12, 2011
my childhood bedroom was…

ORANGE… …and a very special place.  After my single mom saved her money to buy a duplex in the expensive suburbs of Washington D.C., the room I shared with one of my sisters was my little corner to call my own.  I had lived in rental apartments that couldn’t be[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 15, 2010
i gotta have…

some cool gifts for my family… 1.  this stuff for my son Kevin, 18…tall, handsome, smart, laid back, intuitive, adventurous with a wicked sense of humor… choka. stonehouselove pinterest gift guides. 2.  this stuff for my stepson Blayne…16, who’s smart & quick, has pretty blue eyes, is the only blondie[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 8, 2010
road trippin’

Happy Friday! My oldest son, Kevin, is in the midst of the college application fog and he has twisted my arm to take him to visit Vermont in a couple of weeks.  I begrudgedly agreed since I hate that state so much and all of its organic farm stands, ski resorts,[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 22, 2010
no life without love…

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend–just want to take a moment and say that a month ago I married Scott, my adorable sweetheart that I met on jdate (yes it really works)…he was right under my nose with his business only one short mile away from my house[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 18, 2010
jack of my trade

The year was 16o3 when Scottish King James VI inherited the English and Irish thrones…and the rest is history…the royal flag was first exclusively seen flying at sea, but it’s flooding the world of interiors now and we all seem to fancy it…lovely, isn’t it?… Now you go on and[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 12, 2010
philly friday

Here’s a fun thing to think about and work on this weekend…are you happy? I was struck by this image when I saw it…no more excuses or blaming others for not experiencing happiness, right?  I am sooo happy (life’s little things, so great) because I had chairside teeth whitening at[ read more ]

By, Claudia
July 30, 2010
Kevin choka

Time to meet the fam…with a blended family of 5 kids, this is gonna be fun! I’m gonna do one at a time over the next few weeks…there’s Kevin 17, Blayne 15, Dylan 14, Matt 13 and Lily 8. Yes, Lily is big-time outnumbered but there are perks associated with[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 10, 2010
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