happy holidays…

Hi everyone! {flickr, my little brown pen and check out Nichole’s awesome blog here} I know, I know I’ve been MIA but there are reasons!  Firstly, my son is going off to Penn State, State College, in January and I’ve been getting him outfitted which has been a lot of fun.[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 21, 2011
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happy tuesday with jeanette lunde!

…and welcome back from a great weekend. my hubs and i had fun sharing the holiday with family and good friends. now that my 14 year old son is off for 6 weeks of camp, i must focus on work again…lots to do in the blog world, with clients (i[ read more ]

By, Claudia
July 5, 2011
flickr friday

Happy fourth of july! Hope you are celebrating with family & friends… Flickr, Erica, E.M. Ricchini. Flickr, Sam, Isr3q. Flickr, Derry88. loving the abstract photos of fireworks…have an amazing weekend everyone, thanks for reading, xocc ♥

By, Claudia
July 1, 2011
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happy monday!

I’m off to the beach with my son and some friends for a few days…see you when I return… via Cuba Gallery’s Flickr. Enjoy! xocc ♥

By, Claudia
June 27, 2011
“don’t trash the runner…”

“…take your shoes off ” I’ve been yelling this phrase from my bedroom, my office, my kitchen, family room & laundry room to the front hall, oh, for about 18 years. My oldest son (we have 4) is 18 and he’s graduating from high school tonight and going off to[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 14, 2011
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Andrea Willson

Interior Designer Andrea Willson’s restored home in Germany…i’ve seen this place somewhere in my dreams before…it had me at the front door… all photos via freundevonfreunden. Have a great thursday…xocc ♥

By, Claudia
May 12, 2011
papier mache, je t’aime…

Papier Mache is one of my very fave kids’ fashion magazines…the styling, photography and layouts are insane…it speaks to me every time, endlessly inspiring…   Have a great thursday…going out with my son for his last-minute prom needs…can’t believe he’s graduating and that he’s 18…i love my boy, so proud[ read more ]

By, Claudia
May 5, 2011
feeling like the beach…

It’s May and a little warmer but still not warm enough…i’m thinking about the beach a lot lately…are you?  I guess it depends on where you live…these houses are on the coast of England (Kent)… all images via jj locations simple and lovely…have an awesome tuesday…i see the sun coming[ read more ]

By, Claudia
May 3, 2011
congrats will & kate

Happy Friday…it was fun watching the royal wedding this a.m. but now it’s back to business…driving to Maryland to meet my sister Connie to pick up some items from her hand-crocheted line MochilaMia Handmade Designs for my soon-to-launch e-commerce boutique, Hey Little Diddle, and it’s a sunny beautiful day in[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 29, 2011
i gotta have…

All things kids…since I’ve been scouring the internet and reconnecting with my coveted sources (from my Hey Little Diddle brick and mortar days 1994-2007) as I put together  my collection for my new big cartel store, Hey Little Diddle, it seems fitting that I focus on kidstuff this week…here are[ read more ]

By, Claudia
March 30, 2011
bonnie tsang

Bonnie Tsang.  She’s a lifestyle and wedding photographer in LA, New York and worldwide.  A really good one.  I was drawn to her first on Pinterest, then to her musings on twitter and then i found her blogs…she is so prolific that i don’t even know where to begin… weddings…[ read more ]

By, Claudia
March 28, 2011
sweet valentine

I woke up this morning to a beautiful valentine from my hubby-he always embellishes the words in the card and draws things-this time a huge heart with my name inside and an arrow going through it…i love him…i hope you have a happy valentine’s day… sweet source …i’m actually spending[ read more ]

By, Claudia
February 14, 2011
happy valentine’s day weekend

Celebrating with your loved ones this weekend? Have fun & don’t forget to say i love you every day… aurevoir paris tumblr • vi.sualize xocc ♥

By, Claudia
February 11, 2011
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i gotta have…

this look from ALLSAINTS… this hand-hammered pendant…with the bead detail… abc carpet & home the home of these brits in brooklyn… feature via Living etc., March 2011 these valentine cards for my honey… etsy~katrina bean, julianna this stone house in croatia…oh my gosh… desire to inspire Now you gotta have[ read more ]

By, Claudia
February 2, 2011
happy holidays & many thanks…

…we are here, the closing of the year 2010…and the best part is we have another chance to start a new year, clean & fresh and realize our goals, hopes & dreams…2010 was sweet to me and to my family…and I know 2011 will be better yet! i founded StonehouseLove[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 22, 2010
vintage voyager

Nothing evokes that nostalgic pang in your tummy like a vintage illustration…especially the ones from those children’s books that we all know and love… we used to sell vintage books at Hey Little Diddle and i had my very own vintage book dealer…wow forgot about that until i saw these browsing[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 9, 2010
i gotta have…

some cool gifts for my family… 1.  this stuff for my son Kevin, 18…tall, handsome, smart, laid back, intuitive, adventurous with a wicked sense of humor… choka. stonehouselove pinterest gift guides. 2.  this stuff for my stepson Blayne…16, who’s smart & quick, has pretty blue eyes, is the only blondie[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 8, 2010
dwell with dignity doing great things

Welcome again to Blog for Digs… my blogger event (with Beth Dotolo of Hello, Splendor) geared to benefit the amazing Dwell with Dignity non-profit organization. Fundraising is not easy but it sure is rewarding, almost as rewarding as giving to a cause dear to your heart. Common passions bring people[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 7, 2010
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I gotta have…

ALL THINGS HANDMADE…and… the Little Winter handmade market come to Philly…this one was in Portland this past November…curated by Abby Powell Thompson and Chelsea Fuss…read more about it here… …talented artisans designing, knitting, sewing, stitching, cutting patterns, printing textiles & papers, making clothing, furniture, linens & wallcoverings, illustrating, etc…are my heroes…handmade[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 1, 2010
matthew williams: photographer spotlight

Simply Delightful… Have a great tuesday…have to go tend to two of my boys, home sick…chicken noodle soup i think ♣ {all images matthew williams}

By, Claudia
November 30, 2010
obsession guide

I’m obsessed with gift guides. I loVe shopping for the stuff, looking at other’s themes and creating them is also fun…I posted one last week and I had a lot of fun doing it!  Now you can do it too on Pinterest, another one of my obsessions.  If you haven’t[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 30, 2010
blog for digs

My logo has arrived!!! My first blogging fundraiser (with interior designer Beth Dotolo of Hello Splendor) is almost official!!! We are kicking off BLOG FOR DIGS on Monday, 11/29…to benefit Dwell with Dignity…If you are not a blogger, you can still give to this wonderful organization by going here…just dedicate[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 26, 2010
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happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving… in 2010 i am thankful for: ♥ my readers, you, and my clients, thank you! ♥ my loving, sweet, cute, patient hard-working husband & our 5 kids ♥ my family & circle of friends ♥ my inspiring beautiful new friends i have met through StonehouseLove ♥ my lovely[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 25, 2010
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How can a simple loafer demand so much of my attention? I first saw this shoe on Pinterest (pinned by cofounder Ben Silbermann) and I was immediately drawn to the photo firstly because I’m a driving moc freak and these are awesome but secondly because after reading all about this[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 8, 2010
sage, style & cybelle codish

I read a lot…loVe it!  Not only does it enhance our vocabulary but i love the way words relate to one another and how the meaning can suddenly shift depending on the word you choose or how it is used.  I also cherish how we can be transported to another[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 5, 2010