hard graft

I am crazy for nice leather goods, just crazy…and this company exemplifies why…seriously, need I say more? Hard Graft is an old English term meaning real hard work…move over, honey, I’m in loVe! xocc ♥

By, Claudia
March 6, 2012
frye it up!

Well hello there! That was some fishing trip! Actually I didn’t catch any real fish, but I have been working since the summer on an awesome new professional project that is taking up a lot of my time. Everyone is doing great, thank goodness…i have missed you guys though, very[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 11, 2011
happy tuesday with jeanette lunde!

…and welcome back from a great weekend. my hubs and i had fun sharing the holiday with family and good friends. now that my 14 year old son is off for 6 weeks of camp, i must focus on work again…lots to do in the blog world, with clients (i[ read more ]

By, Claudia
July 5, 2011
olga guanabara

Another Brooklyn gem, this company is all about the handmade, return of the craft & one-of-a-kinds.  Olga is actually a dog, the gorgeous chocolate lab that you see in the photos, and then there’s the humans behind the operation, Brazilian-born Richard and Renato. Some of their beautifully hand-crafted goods… Olga[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 30, 2011
{primele paperlove —> fawnsberg friday}

Recently debuted at the National Stationery Show, Patricia & Rachel, the sisters of Primele, bring us their new paper line FAWNSBERG… letter sets… stamps…i love Patricia’s handwriting and have one of her stamps as well… here’s mine… accessories… You can shop either here at Fawnsberg or here at Primele on[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 24, 2011
convoy conundrum

i love Convoy Tumblr.  i have not confirmed its editor (i think it’s a guy) but i do really really love it.  i think that when others’ photos are used…the photographer, stylist, owner etc. should be credited absolutely and i always do so with a linkback whenever possible. that’s the[ read more ]

By, Claudia
June 7, 2011
i gotta have…

a.b.k Custom Leather Craft…Brooklyn-based leather craftswoman Alya B. Kazakevich produces this incredible line…talent, beauty and nostalgia abound… {all images from a.b.k and photography by Ani Berberian} Particularly nostalgic for me since my grandfather was a hide dealer in South America and I remember distinctly visiting his factory as a child and[ read more ]

By, Claudia
May 25, 2011
hey little diddle online store now open!

Hi everyone…I’m incredibly excited to announce that my online boutique, Hey Little Diddle is now LIVE!  It has taken the collaboration of many people to get to this point and I want to thank Tabitha Emma, my graphic designer, and Robot Jamie, the graphic designer who coded my store, for[ read more ]

By, Claudia
May 13, 2011
hey little diddle is coming back…

Hey Little Diddle is the name of my bricks and mortar store that i co-owned and operated with my sister, interior architect Maria Lucoff, for 13 years…boy, did we have some fun times together curating our beloved collections. After taking a break to focus on my career as an interior[ read more ]

By, Claudia
April 14, 2011
suzanna scott’s mixed media

I’m in loVe with mixed media art…i first saw sushipot’s flickr photostream on Poppytalk and then i found Suzanna Scott ‘s work… amazing, right? I know it…enjoy…xocc ♥

By, Claudia
April 7, 2011
blog watch: ez does it…

image via paper cake finds. Her name is Ez (pronounced ee-zee) Pudewa and she is the creator of Creature Comforts, her inspirational haven.  Fashion designer, photographer, magazine editor, mom and one of the best diy-ers I’ve ever seen are among her numerous talents.  When I first founded my blog less[ read more ]

By, Claudia
February 7, 2011
happy february!

1. jallas 2. i ♥ it 3. we ♥ it

By, Claudia
February 1, 2011
i gotta have…

spring soon… ffffound. …but not until  after Alt Summit in wintery Utah…14 days and counting… …and the lovely speakers are…click here to meet them! …this dimpled glassware…just ordered the aqua ones, yes, i did… west elm. …this vintage jacket… urban weeds. …this hobo bag… scabby robot. …this cool print… sfgirlbybay. …lessons[ read more ]

By, Claudia
January 5, 2011
happy holidays & many thanks…

…we are here, the closing of the year 2010…and the best part is we have another chance to start a new year, clean & fresh and realize our goals, hopes & dreams…2010 was sweet to me and to my family…and I know 2011 will be better yet! i founded StonehouseLove[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 22, 2010
shanna murray

Lots of you know not only her name but recognize her distinctive, beautiful handwriting…it connotes handmade, indie & cool and for as long as i can remember, i have been struck by people’s handwriting–unveils a side of our personality don’t you think…just lovely… Shanna says it best… “I believe in[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 10, 2010
question: who doesn’t love anna and rifle paper co?

ANSWER:  NO ONE i started spotting anna bond’s work all over my daily reads and i was first struck by the vintage vibe inherent in her illustrations…her work is wonderful, plain & simple… Here’s a young artist doing what she loves…go here to see her lovely video in the GAP’s[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 2, 2010
I gotta have…

ALL THINGS HANDMADE…and… the Little Winter handmade market come to Philly…this one was in Portland this past November…curated by Abby Powell Thompson and Chelsea Fuss…read more about it here… …talented artisans designing, knitting, sewing, stitching, cutting patterns, printing textiles & papers, making clothing, furniture, linens & wallcoverings, illustrating, etc…are my heroes…handmade[ read more ]

By, Claudia
December 1, 2010
obsession guide

I’m obsessed with gift guides. I loVe shopping for the stuff, looking at other’s themes and creating them is also fun…I posted one last week and I had a lot of fun doing it!  Now you can do it too on Pinterest, another one of my obsessions.  If you haven’t[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 30, 2010
i gotta have…

this chunky winter cap… miss pris. this linen poof…i’m mad for ticking… spool and sparrow. these spools and the patience to do stitchographie… stitchographie. this vintage blackboard in my kitchen… rue. this paper… letter C design. mixed-media artist Dolan Geiman (and Ali Marie) as my new bffs… dolan geiman. this[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 24, 2010
eleven, twenty-two with leslie shewring

Happy Monday and Happy Bday to me! a special thank you to my hubby for the beautiful flowers from one of my favorite flower boutiques right here in nearby Merion…Long Stems…i loVe their stuff…and for his notes, so sweet he is! Speaking of flowers naturally makes me think of Leslie[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 22, 2010
organic rose

Happy Friday and happy friday it is as we had a personal victory this a.m. for my stepsons & our family…so proud of my hubby…yay-he wins the Daddy of the Year Award!!! But let’s get down to some serious business now and the fact that the new Pure Green Mag[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 19, 2010
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chilvers clogboot

Ok…found the perfect item for this season…the clog boot with shearling no less…combining three of my favorite ‘categories’ to wear into one….brilliant…perfection…these are mine… these are hers too…and hopefully will also be mine…so cool I can hardly stand it… now for a little tour of her house…these are her 2[ read more ]

By, Claudia
November 4, 2010
jeanette lunde revisited

It’s impossible for me to articulate in words (and I do loVe words and playing with words, descriptions and adjectives) the immense excitement and positive energy that I feel when I visit with Jeanette Lunde, founder and creator of the GORGEOUS lifestyle magazine by fryd.  When I say that her[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 27, 2010
Emma Cassi

When I was shopping for a special necklace to wear on my wedding day, I discovered the beautiful work of French stylist and jewelry designer Emma Cassi.  Her aesthetic is feminine and vintage yet modern and timeless.  Every piece has been crafted by hand using impeccably selected gemstones, crystals, vintage[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 19, 2010
I gotta have…

this cozy… this quilt and I don’t even have a baby anymore… these windows… this color walls in my new powder room… this yummy sweater… this cute guy as my hubby… oh wait, I do! my new hubby indeed (hee hee)… Have a great thursday, my dog Chloe got[ read more ]

By, Claudia
October 7, 2010