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image via paper cake finds.

Her name is Ez (pronounced ee-zee) Pudewa and she is the creator of Creature Comforts, her inspirational haven.  Fashion designer, photographer, magazine editor, mom and one of the best diy-ers I’ve ever seen are among her numerous talents.  When I first founded my blog less than a year ago, I knew that my style & aesthetic would be unique to me and that I would be able to communicate my “visual voice” to my graphic designer and then to my readers. What I didn’t consider initially is that a blog can also have emotional power that grips its readers…when I landed on Ez’s space one day, this concept became crystal clear. Her blog is one of my favorites; it’s beautiful, real and it just simply makes you feel good…

her daily inspiration…




…her collages/inspiration boards slay me…can you say photoshop magic?…




…so not a shock that she is a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate…i’m certain she nailed the color theory course…


…pages from Gifted, her holiday mag & gift guide, 12/2010…

…illustrations by Marie-Klara González…

via gifted.

…she recently diy’d her own business cards…i mean come on, seriously…sooo awesome…

Visit Creature Comforts but that isn’t all, you can also shop @ Ez’s Etsy shop Wren and Chickadee and visit her newest collaboration Nice Package, with Marichelle Burdman, creator & former editor of Heart Handmade

I hope to meet Ez one day but until then I will swoon daily…happy monday & happy surfing…xocc ♥

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  1. Oh my goodness Claudia! What an incredibly flattering and lovely post you’ve written about me and my blog. I can’t stop blushing. Thank you for brightening my day. I really needed that on this cold gloomy Monday! xox Ez

  2. Thank YOU for working so hard to brighten our days…and i speak for many many…xocc

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